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Why Us

Nagpur has become the destination city for new businesses many MNC's are attracting towards the city, the hub of the IT world and home to all the luxury brands in the world. But beyond all its modernism, at heart it is still the beautiful city that reflects its mixture of quaint cultures. Shree Gayatri Inn is the one of the pioneers in this segment offering some of the finest service apartments in Nagpur, India. We offer safe, secure and economical Serviced apartments / accommodations in Orange city, Nagpur India, be it for work or for pleasure.

Shree Gayatri Inn Luxury apartments in the best areas of the city, you can be close to your work place or live right in the heart of the city. Hotel accommodation is now passé, so just step out of Shree Gayatri Inn serviced apartment and feel the pulse of Nagpur. Whether you are here for business or leisure, corporate or individual, you can enjoy a feeling of luxury and yet feel completely at home. The advantages of staying at Shree Gayatri Inn over a hotel in Nagpur are manifold. For starters, it is indeed far less expensive and you can find accommodation for any budget. Beyond that, there is of course is the privacy factor, which ranks above that you would have at any luxury hotel. And most importantly, you can enjoy personalized service that is better than what you will experience at a hotel.

Shree Gayatri Inn Provides

The enchantment that SHREE GAYATRI INN creates for your dwelling is broadly summarized in four different categories.


  Well built infrastructure with lavished designed exterior & interior.
  Well groomed staff with excellent service 24/7 for you.
  Amenities that would add style to your life.

Shree Gayatri Inn the perfect answer to corporate housing, especially when you and your colleagues are in Nagpur city for an extended or indefinite stay.


  Spacious apartments with flexible rooming options.
  Complete privacy to enjoy away from the busy crowd.
  Ample scope for recreation.
  Silent environment which refresh & relax you.

The rooms are spacious making you feel spread out and contented. You can choose between our many options of rooms depending on whether you wish to be alone or spend a relaxed time with your family.


  State of the art security system has been commissioned to ensure safety of our guests.
  Well qualified security guard who will be there for you 24/7.


  Provides all necessary items which are required every day.
  Good food & housekeeping facilities adding to your comfort.
  Plan your stay as per your convenience.
  Totally home environment which keeps you away from homesick.

SHREE GAYATRI INN is your "Home away from Home" and the perfect place to stay, whether you are in city for work or for pleasure. Our apartments offer you the comfort and privacy much as your own abode, with the added advantage of being located in all the best places. You can choose your area of stay depending on what you wish to do in the city.


Welcome to Shree Gayatri inn Home of Executives, Nagpur's first of its kind Service apartment. In fact, Shree Gayatri Inn Home of Executives is not just a Service apartment but an innovative concept which has the potential to redefine the way the business travel is done in Nagpur.

What is in it for you?

More and more corporate are finding it convenient, time saving, efficient and economical to stay with us. We strive to achieve excellence by providing all the basic and modern amenities required by smart business travelers, at a competitive price.

Our Belief

We believe in maintaining a long-term and enriching relationship with the corporate and we invite you to join us to experience newer ways of smart and cost-effective business travel.

Corporate Advantage:

What's in it for you? Shree Gayatri Inn Home of Executives provides you with plenty of reasons to be part of our community.
Despite economic slowdowns, companies aim to sustain, build and grow and we at Shree Gayatri Inn Home of Executives, understand that this business imperative is very important to your organization.
One of the ways we help you achieve this is by controlling costs on business travel for you. By providing top-class facilities at exciting prices, Shree Gayatri Inn Home of Executives Service apartments ensures that you don't burn a hole in your pocket and concentrate on work only
Here are few of the reasons why many corporate choose to stay with us:

Optimize your costs:

Enjoying special customized rates offered to our valuable corporate clients which help you cut down on the frills but not on the comfort.

Enjoy exciting facilities:

We offer you multiple facilities to ensure your business is unaffected and you have a hassle-free stay with us.
Wi-Fi, 24-hour Tea/Coffee, , 24-inch LED TVs in every room, ergonomically designed work place and many more, specially designed and built keeping in mind the needs of business travelers.

Convenience and peace of mind:

Our Service apartment are conveniently located with good connectivity. All our rooms are hygienic, peaceful and comfortable to ensure that you sleep soundly after a hard day's work.

Enjoy unmatched blend of comfort and economy:

Shree Gayatri Inn Home Of Executives provides a fine blend of comfort, convenience and economy, which is unmatched in India.

We concern for your security:

According to a recent global study, travelers are increasingly concerned about their safety and security while choosing Service apartments.
Shree Gayatri Inn Home of Executives is always at your concern by ensuring stringent checks and does not allow a check-in without verifying the individual's identity. We also ensure visitors enter only on obtaining an approval from the individual they intend to meet.

The ease of the Internet:

Shree Gayatri Inn Home Of Executives offers hassle-free end-to-end booking solutions. Within the comforts of your home or office, you can book a room with us with a click of the mouse. You can also get SMS and e-mail updates of every transaction with us to help you manage your bookings with us.

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